So Long For Now

I have been thinking a lot about what I do with my time. I never seem to have enough. My to-do list is never ending. When I was still teaching I had summer and Christmas breaks to tackle the longer projects and plenty of evening time to tackle shorter everyday tasks. But now that I’m staying home with my daughter I don’t have “breaks” or long evenings. So I have to be more intentional with my time.

Or let things go.

Like this blog.

Tracking here with you has been a fun adventure, but it’s one thing I need to let go in order to put my family first. I try and save my screen time for times when my daughter is asleep and there’s just too much other stuff I have to get done in that short amount of time, whether it’s screen time or not.

So I must say good-bye for now. Hopefully we’ll chat again soon! Hugs!


DIY Hair Clips

Remember these? Well they lasted 7 months before she could get to them and pull them off.

So I’ve repurposed them!

They were sitting on the dresser like this …

Still in the same general shape and I thought they’d be cute flowers on a headband.

So I sewed them around where the rubber band was and hot glued felt and a clip on the back.


I can clip them in her hair since it’s long enough already or attach them to a headband (which she obviously wasn’t in the mood for!).


8 Months

She’s now 8 months old!img_2018

Month 7 was a whirl wind of adventure and new things!

She been belly laughing just at the sight of us without trying to make her laugh, talking to our pets, grabbing and pulling out all my hair, mastering the drop-and-mommy-picks-up game, intentionally petting the soft parts in the touch-and-feel books, still loves to snuggle and cuddle, and is crawling and pulling up all over the place. We anchored the furniture to the walls, laid blankets over the brick fireplace (because the rubber sticky corner thingys don’t stick to brick apparently), lowered the crib, covered all the outlets, and repaired the carpet that the dog chewed up and parts that had exposed nails sticking out.

Her personality has really come out too.

At home, she’s chatty, explores everything, chases the cat and dog, loves her tags and still loves to snuggle. She’ll turn and bury her head in your chest when the dog gets close and in a licking mood. She laughs at me, with me, and intentionally repeats things that make me laugh.img_2050

Out and about she’s the quiet observer compared to her friends. She loves being out and gets really quiet and just watches. She smiles at strangers and doesn’t mind being held by other people (I hope she keeps this up!).img_2017 - version 2img_2015

Oh and she finally grew out of her 3 month onesies! My petite little thing!img_2061

7 Months

And we’re off!

Four days before she turned 7 months she started crawling!

I’m not ready!

And neither is our house!

The last month was pretty laid back compared to where we are headed. She’s started to take real naps now that she’s not in daycare any more, but that means she also knows when I’m walking out and she’s not ready for nap time. She loves to snuggle and cuddle which is so sweet and special and I take advantage of every moment!

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